Paleo Costco Run

Paleo shopping is easy.  Really easy in fact.  Especially when you consider that Costco is right out our front door.  You can easily get your WOD in and head right over for your post workout meal and Paleo groceries for the whole week.

It is worth noting that if it were more financially feasible I’d prefer to buy grass fed meat.  Meat sold by big packing companies is raised in captivity and fed a grain diet, which is exactly what we are trying to avoid.  So if it’s within reach for you, it’s well worth the investment.  In the mean time, this will do just fine.

Start with some dense protein sources: Hormonal Response= Glucagonimg_0138img_0139img_0143

Balance with some non-grain carbohydrate: Hormonal Response= Insulinimg_0142


Add some fat: Hormonal Response= Neutral


Round out with fish oil.  Check out this excellent video to learn more about fish oil:


Ahhh.  What a nice little Saturday.  And I wasn’t even sure we’d have time.



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