Paleo Cruz


Brian K: near picture perfect double unders.

So, as of today we are about two weeks into our paleo challenge. I’ve been checking in with a lot of you and for the most part everyone seems to be doing really well! If you have made it this far, you will definitely be starting to reap the benefits of a cleaner, much more nutritious diet. Assuming you have done your research and gone to the different paleo site/blogs on the internet for recipe ideas, I’m sure you have been able to find a plethora of great recipes. So if you’re trying to really commit to the diet, it may seem initially as though eating at home will be your only option in protecting yourself from the tempting and cunning gluten and sugar monsters. But what about those nights where you have just got home from a long day at work or school and you have nothing prepared in the fridge and you just don’t feel like cooking? For me this is usually when the idea of stopping and picking a big gluttonous burrito (Mmmmm Tacos Moreno’s) or a sandwich seemed like an easy solution to the problem. Well have no fear!! We live in Paleo Cruz!! Maybe someday we will see an all paleo restaurant, but until then here are some local restaurants for you guys to check out where you can don your protective paleo super hero suit and enjoy a delicious dinner out and not feel bad about cheating.
Kianti’s Restaurant (downtown Santa Cruz)
Kianti’s Sauté
Individual: $11.95 | Family Style: $18.95
Choose a Sauce, Meat & 5 Toppings. No pasta in this one.
Add Bay Shrimp or Sautéed Prawns for Individual $13.95 or Family $19.95 (This is really good. You get a huge list of ingredients to choose from to add to your sauté. Delicious!)
Olitas Mexican Restaurant (on the Wharf)
Ensalada Olitas mixed baby greens with tomatoes, jicama, avocado and a tamarind vinaigrette. Topped with your choice of carne asada, blackened fish, grilled chicken, or grilled shrimp..$16.95 (although it’s a little pricey, the portion is huge and it tastes great. 

Betty’s Burger
Any of their burgers can be ordered “bare back” (without the bun). At first I was skeptical about this and thought I would miss the bun, but the burgers are so tasty I don’t seem to miss it. You can also get an order of their sweet potato fries which are more paleo friendly than regular French fries. They will not be 100% paleo though, because I’m sure they cook them in some less than ideal oil. So an every once in the while treat I think is ok.

Chipotle (by the mall on 41st or right around the corner from the gym by Ross)
Order their salad without beans and rice and they throw on lots of good sautéed veggies and different meat options with salsa and guacamole on top.

Whole Foods/Staff of Life/New Leaf
Any of these above places have really good hot food bars with lots of good protein and veggie options ready to go. Although I always used to be skeptical of this kind of setup at places in the past, I’ve been pretty happy with the selection at the above stores. My favorite would probably have to be Staff of Life. 

Any where else? Please post to Comments.

Clean (Find a 5RM)
5 rounds
10 Overhead Squats (115/80)
10 Burpees