Paleo Finale


Well, it is official.  The Paleo Challenge is officially over.  We at CFWS are so proud at the commitment and discipline we saw from so many people.  More importantly, we are so happy at the performance and health gains after just three months.

Today we began re-testing some of the WODs.  They are Helen, Grace, Max Deadlift, and Max Pull Ups.  We will continue to do this until the end of  next week so if you are in the challenge be sure you get each one done.  Also, we will need to take “after” photos by the end of next week.

Testimonials can be emailed to any of the coaches listed on our website.  Tell us everything!  How did this change your life?  The way you look, feel, perform?  What were your obstacles?  How did you overcome them?  What was the overall outcome?  Be as candid as you feel comfortable.

All of these things should be completed by the end of next week.  That’s 9/18/09.  If you find that the end of the week is upon you and one of these things has not yet been done, don’t be afraid to tell your coach, “hey, I need to take an after photo” or “I need to do Helen! ”  Well, don’t yell it.  Just ask.

As I mentioned before, we already started some of the re-testing and some of the results are astounding.  It was a very exciting day for many people.  We will give more details later.

Way to work hard everyone!  And hopefully you all have become such believers that the challenge doesn’t end here.  Keep it going.  The sky’s the limit!