Paleo Finish Details

Paleo contestants: next week we will begin our Paleo 2.0 wrap up.  Sunday the 23rd is the official end date of the Paleo Challenge.  We will then begin retesting, etc.

Here’s the scoop:

Mon 24th and Tuesday 25th will be Christine and Max Pull Ups retesting in all classes.

Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th will be Max Back Squat and 500m row retesting in all classes.

Friday 28 through Sunday 30th will be make up days in which you may come to class or open gym to retest (be sure to tell your trainer as it will not be scheduled as part of class).

Be sure to grab a trainer to get your “after” photos taken as well as submit your Paleo testimonials to [email protected].

It will be up to you to be sure you get all of your requirements done before Sunday the 30th. Anyone who does not have these requirements completed before the 30th will be disqualified, NO EXCEPTIONS.

We can’t wait to hear what people have to say, and see the dramatic improvements in performance. Best of luck everyone!




(complete 2 squats every 30 seconds for 5 minutes)

5 Rounds

5 Snatch Balance (115/75)

200m Sand Bag Run

12 Push Ups