Paleo Menu

Although the Paleo diet is well known and practiced around our gym, (after all, we’ve had two successful  Paleo challenges in the last year)  we’ve got lots of new people around these days wanting to learn about it.  At least a handful of times per week I get questions about making the switch to a Paleo diet.  Most people are afraid that it will be too complicated.  Some are afraid to give up their favorite foods.  And many more fear that it simply won’t taste good.  It’s funny because as I sit and indulge in my diced peaches and straw berries drizzled in coconut milk, mmming and ooooing over how amazing it tastes, I can’t help but wonder why anyone wouldn’t want to eat this way.

The most common questions I get about going Paleo usually go something like this, “So what do you  eat in a day?”  Or “I don’t have time to make all of my own food so what do I get for lunch when I’m out?”  Or “Can you just tell me what you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?”

As most of you know by now, it’s pretty simple: Eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar.  It’s a great place to start.  Generally speaking, if you have a question about a food or meal just ask yourself if it coincides with the line above.  If not, then it’s most likely not Paleo.  But for those of you who want to get started and need some ideas of how to put this to action, I’ve compiled a 3 day Paleo menu that reflects my personal practice.

Day 1:



3 eggs scrambled with bell peppers and onions

3 Pieces of bacon


Salmon Salad from Dave’s (right here on Coral St- just 8 bucks!)

It has salmon, avocado, a heap of ground artichoke hearts, tomatoes and comes with Caesar dressing.  With all of the good stuff on it, you don’t even need the dressing.  Honestly.


Handful of cashews


Two homemade burger patties mixed with freshly ground or chopped jalepenos.

(I make a bunch of these and either refrigerate or freeze them to cook whenever)

Onions and Zuccini sliced.

*I toss all of this on the grill and it’s ready in 10-15 minutes.

1 Cup sliced strawberries

Day 2



3 eggs fried and topped with salsa

Jimmy dean sage sausage


Double meat chicken tacos from Planet Fresh on Center Street without the shell

-ask for double meat, salsa and guacamole  but no cheese.  It comes with lots of lettuce too.  They also have beef which is delicious too.


Handful of cashews or macadamias


Tilapia pan fried in coconut oil and sea salt

Boiled asparagus seasoned however you like

1 Cup Blue Berries

Day 3



Carnitas omelet from Harbor Café with no cheese

Fruit bowl- hold the potatoes and toast

Side of Sausage Patties


Grilled chicken Salad with olive oil

-Pop the chicken on the grill and mix your greens how you like or if you’re out just about every restaurant has a chicken salad of some sort.


Tri Tip (I get it in bulk from Costco)

Portabella Mushroom

Bell Peppers

*Throw it all on the grill and it’s done in 15 min

Cup of fresh sliced peaches


Back Squat

5 RM

7 Rounds

7 Ball Slams 60/40

7 Ring Dips

100m Row Sprint