Paleo Potluck

Here we are, 1 month into Paleo Challenge 2.0.  So far, the results have already been fantastic.  From soaring energy levels, to weight loss, to strength gains, people are doing great.  With 3 months to go, we want to make sure that people stay inspired.  This Sunday, CrossFit West Santa Cruz will be hosting it’s first Paleo Potluck.  Here’s how it will go down:

Each person brings a Paleo dish (free of grains, legumes, sugar- remember, eat meat, veggies, nuts, seeds, some fruit).

Write the recipe down on a card and bring it with you.

We will pass out note cards for people to write on.  When you taste a dish, if you love it, copy the recipe for yourself.

Simple as that.

This is open to Paleo contestants AS WELL as members who are eating Paleo, OR those who are interested in eating Paleo but aren’t sure if it is yummy or easy enough to do.  We’re pretty sure you’ll change your mind.

What: Paleo Potluck

Where: CrossFit West Santa Cruz

When: Sunday, 28th 5:30PM

Who: All members and Paleo Contestants

Hope to see you there!


Not for time:

5x 50yrd Sled Pulls

5×10 Tire Flips

15 total Muscle Ups

*beginners practice technique then finish with 30 C2B Pull Ups and 30 Ring Dips, broken up however you need to.

5 rounds for time:

10 KB Snatch-ea arm (53/35)

12 Box Jumps (20)

100m Sprint