Paleo Through the Holidays

The day after Thanksgiving crew.

The day after Thanksgiving crew.

Gluten free pumpkin pie with stars and hearts. I love my mom.

Gluten free pumpkin pie with stars and hearts. I love my mom.

CF West Santa Cruz is pretty devout when it comes to the Paleolithic diet.  We may tweak it here and there, dairy for those who are trying to pack on a little muscle for example, but we certainly live by it.  We also live in the real world, however.  And the real world means that we all need to be realistic about our diet and nutrition.  The holidays are one of those times, maybe the biggest time.  Let’s face it, it is hard to adhere to just about any diet over the holiday season.  And the holiday season (pie!) is certainly upon us.

Being a CrossFitter eating Paleo is different than being a monk.  It is ok to cheat now and again, especially in times of joy and family–just like the holiday season.  However, you want to be smart about your cheating.  Here is what I do:  I allot myself a certain amount of cheating (pie!) during the holidays.  I know that I enjoy eating big for a few meals more than snacking on the barrage of sweets that constantly float around during the holidays.  At those meals, I know what I like the most and I sacrifice something else so I can really tuck into my favorites (pie!).

Thanksgiving is a good example.  Rolls, bread, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie and other desserts, gravy (there is often flour in gravy), casseroles, lots of starchy appetizers, beer and wine–the sugar, gluten, and starch filled list is endless.  OK, what are the heavyweights on that list?  Probably the gluten and sugar filled stuff.  So right off I made a decision to stay away from the stuffing, bread and rolls, the casseroles, the really gnarly desserts, and the appetizers.  I decided that my cheating was going to be some wine, mashed potatoes, gravy, and pumpkin pie (pie!).  Thus, I was able to tuck into a couple of servings of each without the carb and gluten hangover that would have come the next day.

How about leftovers?  One of the great joys of an event like Thanksgiving is the leftovers.  Again, be smart.  Remember, there will be a lot of opportunities to cheat over the next month or so.  Pick your battles and you can enjoy the holidays without remorse.

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Back Squat 10×2

5 Broad Jumps for speed and distance after each set.


10 Rounds

2 Hang Power Cleans 75% 1RM

3 Clapping Push Ups

4 Pullups C2B

50m Sprint (if you don’t have the room to sprint, do 20 mountain climbers)

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