Paleo Voting

Hey folks.  We apologize for the long delay in the end of the Paleo challenge.  Here’s the scoop: Our computer which contained most of the pictures crashed (we’re talking major crash- hard drive completely failed, etc) and the data was lost.  However, we recently had one of our very own CrossFit Wester’s (who just so happens to be in IT) come to the rescue and recover it all.  So this week we’re going to spend some time pulling it all together and set up a vote.  We’ll recover the pics, get them printed, and print up the testimonials and workout test results too.  We’ll set up voting starting next Monday the 19th.

The way it will work:  We’ll have a folder with before and after pics for Paleo contestants to look through.  Testimonials and test results will be up for everyone to read.  When you’re ready to vote, a ballot will be checked out to you (it won’t have your name on it but it will be checked out to be sure that each person has one vote).  People will have until Friday 23rd to cast their votes.

Again, we apologize for the delay.  As promised we’re going to crown a winner soon!

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3 Rounds

* 21 Jump Squats (115/75)

12 Ring Dips

*7 Dead Hang Pull Ups

*These jump squats are performed similar to a vertical jump by squatting about 1/4 in depth.  With feet in a jumping stance, jump as high as possible.  Absorb the weight as you return to a 1/4 squat.  Repeat in a fluid, continuous fashion.

* If dead hang pull ups are not very challenging for you, scale up and do weighted pull ups.