Paleo Vs Whole 30 by Karnivore Kayla

By Karnivore Kayla


I have to clear the air by mentioning this because there are some “rules” to abide by, that although may be Paleo, are not necessarily Whole30.


Keep it simple. I always resort back to saying this but it’s true. No need to go crazy bananas with sauces and spices and different cuts of meat. Sometimes the best meals are the ground beef, roasted broccoli, and baked sweet potato.


Booooooooze. It just gets old guys. I can’t be bothered to be told one more time that wine and tequila are paleo. There is truly no need to convince me because I don’t drink.  Plus it’s not a paleo challenge. No alcohol means exactly that. Wine is alcohol. So is tequila. And vodka. And whiskey. And beer. And cider.


Snacks are life. I’ll be the first to admit snacks are my personal weakness. During the Whole30 the idea is to eat three large meals in a day. I understand that not everyone’s schedule works perfectly to where you can sit down and enjoy a meal at your convenience. You just do the best you can, and try to food prep. Usually what works for Simon and I is if we need something between meals we will have a “mini meal”. So it’s not just eating almonds or just having a banana, it’s making sure your “mini meal” consists of a fat, carb, and protein. So have some almonds, a banana, and a hard boiled egg or slices of turkey.


Substitutions vs. Habits. Of course you are free to be creative with your culinary endeavors, I encourage it! But there is a line between substituting something in your diet and having unhealthful habits. Is that a word? I don’t know, I don’t care. Have a great thai salad recipe that’s almost all Whole30 except the peanuts in the sauce? No prob! Substitute the peanuts for sunflower seed butter (just make sure there’s no sugar in it). Have a craving for waffles? Don’t go looking for a Whole30 waffle recipe because you won’t find one. And if you do, clearly they don’t know what Whole30 is. Waffles are wonderful. They are absolutely a weekend treat for me. And though I make my waffles with sweet potato, almond flour, and coconut milk, it’s not the ingredients that make it a treat, it’s the fact that it’s a waffle. We are not trying to recreate our favorite treat habits in a “better” or “healthier” form.


Whole30 is about recognizing the things that we reach for out of habit when we are hungry or bored or, my favorite, lazy, and to be mindful of what you are putting in your mouth. Makes you feel like you’re 2 years old again, huh. It is 30 DAYS. Not years, DAYS. You can put the bottle down for that time. You don’t need yogurt to survive. You can substitute making a veggie scramble for that stack of waffles you love so much. After 30 days, the thing you have been dying to put back in your fuel tank (aka your digestive system) you are free to do, and see how your body reacts; sleep wise, skin, stomach, head, performance in the gym, overall energy…basically the things that make up your overall health.