Paleo Winner!


Well, it’s been a long time coming.  We’ve waited for the votes to trickle in and the people have spoken.  This challenge was so close it made it hard to have just one winner.  I wish everyone could get a dollar prize but there can only be one.  So without further ado, your Paleo Challenge Winner is…


Gideon will recieve 3 months of free training, an elements package to give to a friend or family member, and a CFWSC T Shirt.  We think that’s a pretty great prize, but still it’s nothing compared to the long term rewards he and all the other Paleo’ers will get from their commitment and dedication to the Paleo/CrossFit West lifestyle.  Congratulations Gideon!

I can’t stress enough how well EVERY person did in this challenge.  Even now, as weeks pass after the end of the official challenge, I still continue to see people getting stronger, leaner, and healthier as they continue their journey.  You have all been such an inspiration and we can’t wait to see how much further you go!