Paleo-Zone Chili

"Fixins fer a feast!"

A lot of people have been asking me (demanding repeatedly, lol) for my Paleo/Zone Chili recipe so I thought I’d get on it. (I know, I know, …about darned time, haha.)

I don’t have an exact “recipe” outlined as far as how much of this and that in relation to everything else.  It’s more a matter of using all fresh ingredients and flavoring to taste.  I prefer to use all Organic ingredients and Grass-Fed Ground Beef and Ground Buffalo, (though non-organic ingredients and Costco meat can be used if you wish to keep costs down).  I really do find that the fresh Organic ingredients actually taste much better than what I find else where.  The fresh Organic Yams from Whole Foods, for example, turn out much more moist than the big cheap box at Costco, (I know, I compared em), and they really do just taste so much better.  (For another very insightful reason why I opt for Organic Yams and Organic Sweet Potatoes, I highly recommend This Child’s Video.)

A basic ingredient list is as follows:

1&1/2 lb Grass-Fed Ground Beef

1&1/2 lb Ground Buffalo

Grass-Fed Fillet (optional)

Chopped Onion (white, yellow, etc)

Fresh Garlic (chopped small)

1 Green Bell Pepper

1 Red Bell Pepepr

1 Yellow Bell Paper

1 Orange Bell Pepper

Serrano Peppers

Jalapeno Peppers

Cayenne Peppers

1 Can of Organic Stewed Tomatoes

1 Jar of Rao’s Homemade Organic Marinara Sauce (from Italy)

Chili Powder


Sea Salt

White Mushrooms

Crimini Mushrooms

Portabella Mushrooms

Jewel Yams

Garnet Yams

Japanese Sweet Potatoes

Goat Cheese

This is a very thick and hearty Chili that you can make as hot as you like.  I use a lot of Grass-Fed Ground Beef and Ground Buffalo as the base, along with a generous amount of all fresh Organic ingredients.  I like mixing the two meats, Grass Fed Ground Beef and Ground Buffalo, as the combo of the two flavors adds a lil more depth on the palate.  If you wish to get elaborate, you can even add in small chunks of Fillet to add multiple textures within the meats.  (For those opting to avoid red meat, you can use Organic Free-Range Ground Turkey Breast in place of Grass Fed Ground Beef and Ground Buffalo and add in small chunks of Duck in place of Fillet to add depth to the texture and flavor of the meat base.)

I spend a lot of prep time getting everything chopped, diced, etc, chopping all the raw garlic by hand, along with the peppers, bell-peppers, onions, mushrooms, yams and sweet potatoes.

Once all the prep-work is done, in a large sauce pan I brown the meat along with the chopped onions and a small amount of the raw garlic until the meat is just a little raw (still pinkish-red).  As I’m doing this, I cook the chopped bell-peppers and some of the chopped chili peppers in a separate pan along with a bit of the raw garlic until the bell-peppers are just a lil soft (not too soft–think “al-dente”).

Once I have the meat where I want it, I add in the Jar of Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce (all Organic ingredients with no sugar–completely Paleo) along with the stewed tomatoes and slowly start adding in a bit of pepper, a touch of sea-salt, a lil chili powder and some of the raw garlic.  I do NOT drain out the fats when I use Grass-Fed Ground Beef and Ground Buffalo as the fat adds flavor and is much higher quality that in non grass-fed beef.  The fat is not an issue.

After the bell-peppers are where I want them, I add them in to the meat and sauce, (the Chili base).  I then will gradually mix in more of the chopped raw garlic and some of the raw chopped Serrano, Jalapeno and Cayenne peppers.  As far as the fresh peppers go, you can use any of your favorite hot peppers to add flavor and make the dish as hot as you like.  I find using fresh peppers adds not only “heat” to the dish, but definitely adds more depth of flavor within the heat.  It’s one more added touch that makes the end product taste so much better.  You want to add in the chopped peppers gradually and let these flavors simmer together for a bit so as you can really get a taste for how hot it is.  You can always add more, but if you go a little crazy in the beginning, you can end up with an inedible dish (or a dish reserved for making a bet with a daring friend, haha).  If you don’t have fresh cayenne peppers, you can substitute a bit of ground cayenne pepper.

Note, …when handling the Serrano and Cayenne peppers, don’t touch your eyes and I highly recommend you wash your hands before you pee!  …Just an “FYI”.  But feel free to find out for yourself, lol.

I will gradually add in more peppers until I get the Chili as hot as I want it.  Once it is near being as hot as I want, I will then add in the fresh Raw chopped Crimini, White and Portabella Mushrooms and let it simmer for a bit.

As I’m prepping and cooking the Chili, I am also baking the peeled and chopped Organic Garnet Yams, Jewel Yams and Japanese Sweet Potatoes until they are a little soft, (not mushy).  …If time is an issue, you can cook them in a microwave safe dish to keep the moisture in and save time.  I prefer to peel them so as to minimize any natural “anti-nutrients” contained within the skin.

Once you have the Chili as “hot” and balanced in flavors as you like it and it has simmered for a while, allowing all the fresh flavors to meld, and the Yams and Sweet Potatoes are cooked to perfection, you are finally ready to reap the benefits of your hard work and hours of prep time and indulge in your bomb ass whole paycheck Paleo Chili!

I use a small amount of the cooked Yams and Sweet Potatoes as a base at the bottom of the bowl and then poor the Chili over them.  Not only does this helps make it closer to being “Zone Balanced”, but I find the natural sweetness of the Yams and Sweet Potatoes adds a very nice contrast to the really hot spiciness of the Chili.  …It’s really a great combo.  (For all the Paleo-Zone’ers out there, 1 cup cooked Yam, [136g total weight], = 37.37 grams of carbs, 5.3 grams of dietary fiber, 2.03 grams of protein and 157.76 calories.)

…If you really want to make this Paleo-Zone Chili dish extra fabulous and you don’t mind doing a bit of Dairy, …I highly recommend adding in a bit of crumbled Goat Cheese over the top.  It is free of the problematic BCM7’s that I wrote about Here, …and it really just adds something special to the dish.  …It’s pretty fricken bomb.



Thruster 2-2-2-2  (Rack is allowed.)

Between sets, hang from the bar for time.  Explore both, “active” and “passive” shoulder.


For Time;

800m Run

2 rounds of; 30 Wall-Ball, 20 Ball-Slam, 10 High Box-Jump

800m Run

(M=20/40, W=14/20-25)