Parking Lot Pimpin, er, Promo!

As many of you know, Max Muscle Santa Cruz and the Malone family, (yes, related to our very own CFWSC Team member, and guy who has the top spot on a lot of the record boards, Matt Malone), sponsored our CrossFit West Santa Cruz Team this year.  What many of you may NOT know, however, is not only did they sponsor our team, but they are sponsoring our ENTIRE GYM!!  That’s right, folks, they offer a 20% discount to ALL CrossFit West members!!  Just another perk for our memberes here at CrossFit West!  🙂  That’s a significant discount, btw, (I’ve known the family for over 12 years and that’s been MY discount as a long-standing professional trainer in the community), and that discount applies to EVERYTHING in the store!  Whether it be a high quality Protein Powder (Vanilla flavored “Max Triple Whey” is what I use) or a new weight-belt, if you are a CrossFit West member, they will give you 20% off!!  That discount is good year-round with no expiration date.  As long as you are an active CrossFit West Santa Cruz member, or you train here in our facility as a private client with one of our coaches, Max Muscle Santa Cruz will give you 20% off of everything in the store.  They understand that the demands of a CrossFiter are a little different than that of a bodybuilder and they know that, for example, Nitric Oxide is NOT a good supplement for a CrossFiter wishing to still hold on to the pull-up bar during “FRAN”.  I’ve known the family for years and they will not sell you something you don’t need.  Like us, their business has been built on customer service, commitment to excellence, caring about their clients, and forging strong personal relationships with their customer base.

If you haven’t made it down to their store on 41‘st Ave yet, or had no idea about their sponsoring ALL CrossFit West Santa Cruz members and giving every one of us a full 20% off discount until now, they are hosting a big community event and Parking Lot Promo next Saturday, August 25’th, at their home location on 1420 41’st Avenue, Capitola, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, (the Outdoor World & Verizon shopping center).  Most of the businesses within that shopping center will be represented, as well as several fitness related businesses.  There will also be all kinds of fitness, strength and endurance challenges to participate in, complete with prizes.  Not only will the event have food and a well known DJ, but there will be a Pro BMX company there doing all kinds of cool stuff!  (For those who don’t know, BMX Racing is an Olympic Event and was featured in the 2012 London OLympics.)

CrossFit West Santa Cruz will have a booth there as well, and we may even be busting out lil demo workouts, offering fitness challenges and maybe even prizes.  So, ladies, “Hot Chris”, a.k.a.; “Magic Chris” might just be there doing some Kettle-Bell Swings and Burpees with his shirt off, because, well, you know, …that’s just how we roll! Haha

If you don’t have any plans next Saturday, or can spare an hour, please stop buy the event, meet Geff, Jordan, and the Malone family at Max Muscle Santa Cruz, stop by our CrossFit West Santa Cruz booth and heckle us, (oh you know you want to come heckle us!–Haha), make us do some burpees, swing by the other fitness booths and crush their fitness challenges, claim their prizes, have some food, listen to some good music, revel in your victory and have a little fun!  I’m going to be there all day, so if nothing else, come by, say hello and bring me some water (and sunblock! Haha) because, well, you know, …I might have to “take one for the team” and do some workouts out in the hot sun with my shirt off in front of all the girls at Tanner’s Cove. Haha 😉  (Yes, …a totally selfless sacrifice on my behalf.)

Seriously though, I will be there all day, and many of us here at CrossFit West will be there for at least some of the day, so it would be really cool to see some of you there if you are in the area.  It’s always great seeing you here at the gym, but it’s always really great being able to see you outside of the gym as well.

(…And there should be no random Interval Timers going off, so no one’s “Pavlov’s Dog’s” response should be triggered, haha!)


Back Squat; recently established  3-rm for 4 sets


4 rounds for time of;

400 m run

15 Deadlifts (185/130)

10 Burpees