Passion & Tradition

Posted by Jocelyn

Below is a clip of the Haka, a traditional Maori dance performed by New Zealand’s National Rugby Team- The All Blacks- before every game.  Traditionally a dance performed before charging into a battle, the Haka was first performed before a Rugby match in 1888 when The All Black prepared to face Britain.

I watched the movie Invictus the other day and there was a scene where New Zealand performed the dance before facing South Africa.  It’s a fantastic movie, yet it certainly didn’t capture the true passion that emanates from the athletes when they perform this in real life.  This is pretty amazing. 

What types of traditions have been passed down in sports you have been involved in?  What types of traditions do you see forming in CrossFit?  At CrossFit West?

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Front Squat


6 Rounds

3  Snatch (135/95)

7 Burpees

*Full Snatches