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Derek and Sam, 1 hand Isabel.



Beto and Ed, pullups.



Jocelyn and Heidi, split jerk.


Jessie, PR deadlift.

Nuts. You had all better be eating them. Why? Because they are a great source of fat. And fat intake is pretty important for health. And, even more importantly, it is very important for performance. I was speaking with a new client yesterday about diet and, as usual, she remarked that she ate very healthily. I mentioned that we really aren’t worried about health and that we concern ourselves with performance. That’s right. CrossFit is not concerned with health, but with performance. CrossFit fitness is so far above health that a CrossFitter needs to be sick to be considered healthy by medical standards.

Here is an example. Last spring I contracted some sort of infection that manifested itself as shortness of breath, a hacking cough, and some pretty ghoulishly colored expectoration. After ignoring it for about a month, I finally went to the doctor. After performing a bunch of tests, including checking how much air I could bring into my lungs, the doc informed me that I wasn’t sick but actually quite healthy. I was finally able to convince the doc that I was sick and needed antibiotics.

In its quest for fitness, CrossFit coupled with the Zone builds health, serious health.

As mentioned above, fat is important for performance. Too little body fat will adversely affect both your strength and especially your stamina. Too little body fat and you will bonk, just gas on a WOD. Amundson keeps himself at about 12% body fat. Remember, CrossFit is about performance. CFHQ trainer Pat Sherwood spells it out in this video.

Another good reason to eat nuts is that they are a satiate. This means that eating nuts makes you feel full, therefore you will eat less at meals. This article explains it in more detail.


Freddy’s Revenge

5 Rounds

5 Jerks 185/125#

10 Burpees

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