Pick Your Poison

The 6pm crew. The last class of the day rocked.

Gayle and Isabelle take on Karen.

It was pick your poison day at CFWSC today. Any storm you want. It still amazes me that some people actually chose to do Karen voluntarily. Great work everyone. And congratulations on all those PRs.

What storm did you choose and why? Please post to Comments.

Billy and Ian, two former trainers with our sister affiliate CF Los Gatos, moved to Las Vegas last fall to train with Olympic weightlifting coach John Broz. Under Broz’s tutelage, they both recently qualified for the US Nationals. Ian and Billy will be at CFLG this Saturday for a special Olympic Lifting Clinic. There are still spots available. Please click here for all the info. Email them at [email protected] to reserve a spot. Here is a recent video of Ian squatting 407# at a bodyweight of 150#.

And a HUGE happy birthday to CF West co-owner Jocelyn. May this year to filled with health, wealth, and PRs.


Rest Day