Aaimee S and Kaitie K demonstrate synchronized Pistol practice.

Tiphanie G and Cathy N take it a step further and Tag-Team their synchronized Pistols.

Beto, determined to get better at his Pistols, gets very creative during his Pistol practice.

The CrossFit Games Site has just officially announced the start of next years Open.  (All info can be found HERE.)  This year The Open starts March 6th!!  I’m so excited!!!  So let’s all keep that date in mind as we continue to train.  We encourage ALL of you to register and compete!  I assure you, it will be a truly awesome experience!!

ALSO, there is a NEW Master’s age group announced!  The CrossFit Community has been wanting it, and so CFHQ delivered!  There now will now be a 40-44 Master’s Division Age Group!!!  We have a LOT of amazing Master’s athletes in that demographic!  Keep in mind that our members brought home the 40+ Master’s division trophy at least years Santa Cruz Affiliate Cup!

I am SO excited about this upcoming season.  It is going to be AWESOME!!!


Hang Squat Clean

5×2 (go heavy)


Partner WOD:

AMRAP in 15 Minutes

5 DL 275/185#

7 Clean 185/135#

9 Snatch 135/95#

Set up 3 bars and storm through.

Only 1 partner can work at a time.