Where do we lose it? Take a look at Elias G. in the pic above. His lower back is in extension. His midline is engaged. His shoulders are relaxed over his hips. His neck, even though he is looking down at a DVD player, shows a nice S curve. He sat that way, on a wooden chair, for the better part of an hour.

How would you sit?

A lot of CFWSC members know and have trained with CrossFit Los Gatos trainers Billy B and Ian D. The two are currently living in Las Vegas training Olympic Weightlifting full time at Average Broz Gym.  They have been making some big gains lately, as evidenced by the videos below. Billy is a 77 kilo (169 pounds) lifter and Ian is a 69 kilo (151 pound) lifter. They will both be competing with Jocelyn at the Nationals this summer.


Bench Press

Find new 2RM


5 Rounds

1 Bar Muscle Up

5 Front Squats 185/130#

10 Kettlebell Snatch 5L/5R (M-53-70#,W-35-53#)

15 GHD Situps

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