Power, Pizza, Play

POWER! SLV Varsity Football brings the intensity and hits it HARD in all out sled sprints, sprinting fiercely to their Kettle-Bells during some intense CrossFit interval work!!

Many of the SLV Varsity Football Team have been coming in twice a week to train with me here at CrossFit West, and they have been absolutely KILLING IT every time!!!  I’ve had the opportunity to work with them for a while now and I have to say, I am genuinely impressed by their tenacious work ethic and the fierce intensity they bring to every challenge I present them with.  They bring it EVERY TIME they come in and it’s been a real blessing having the opportunity to work with them.  …Their intensity and focus truly inspire me.

…A lot of people assume that CrossFit can’t be effectively adapted to sports such as FootBall, SoftBall, Golf, Baseball, Skiing, etc.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  While I don’t have the SLV FootBall Team or the SoftBall players I work with doing “Helen” or “The Filthy 50”, …I most certainly utilize CrossFit methodologies (randomized functional movement executed at high intensity) to enhance their dominance in their sport, working carefully to match the time domain and power demands of their sport as much as possible.

If you are an athlete seeking dominance in your sport, but are unsure about CrossFit or have questions about how to most effectively implement CrossFit into your training regiment, please give me a call at (831) 359-6609.  I will help you any way I can.

PIZZA! Mike Gurga, owner of Michael's Pizza in Capitola, with the two amazing gluten free pizzas I just ordered. (No, they are not both mine! ...I'm only eating ONE of these entire Pizzas! Ha!)

As CrossFit’ers, whether we are “Paleo”, “Paleo plus Dairy”, “going Primal”, “Zone Balanced”, “Raw Foods Only”, “Vegan”, or the ultra hip, “Paleo/Zone” hybrid, …eating anything that reminds us of “the good old days” before changing our lives for the better, well, is sometimes few and far between.

Well fear not, I’ve found what I think is absolutely THE best Gluten Free Pizza in all of Santa Cruz County!  Michael’s Pizza & Pasta in Capitola, (no, it’s not Michael’s on Main).  Matt Malone first told me about it and said; “It’s by far the best Pizza I’ve ever had.”  Well, I called “BS” and had to go try it for myself.  …Sure enough, …Matt was right!  Haha!  In all sincerity, Michael’s Gluten Free Pizza is far superior to any I’ve had from the popular places we all know around Santa Cruz, and is by far the best Pizza I’ve had since actually being in Italy.  While I managed to avoid Pasta during my time in Italy, and lived mostly on meat and wine, I did occasionally have traditional Italian Pizza during my time in Italy.  It was thin, crisp, made with all fresh garden grown ingredients, and full of amazing flavor.  The Gluten Free Pizza from Michael’s in Capitola is most certainly the closest thing I’ve had to the Pizza in Italy.  Several from CrossFit West and CrossFit Longevity, (about a dozen of us so far), have all tried it and, thus far, every one has said pretty much the same thing, that it’s by far the best Gluten Free Pizza they’ve ever had, anywhere.

After looking over the ingredients list, (they will show it to you if you ask them), I estimate the entire 14″ Pizza, depending on toppings, to have less than 60-80 grams of carbs, so you can share a pizza with your date and not feel guilty (or bloated, haha) about it.  …I order mine with “Double Meat”, sooo, …with double the meat and less than 60 grams of carbs, …I’ve concluded that I SHOULD be eating this Pizza as it is good for me and fits just fine into my rigid Paleo/Zone diet once a week, Ha!

Michael’s Pizza in Capitola was too good of a find not to tell all the CrossFit’ers in Santa Cruz County about, as well as all the traveling CrossFit’ers visiting the area that want to still eat healthy, but let lose just a lil bit while on their vacation.  If you get the chance, I highly recommend you give Michael’s a try.  Mike and his staff are friendly and devoted to what they do.  Their commitment to excellence is evident in every bite.  Michael’s Pizza and Pasta is located just off the Bay Ave, Porter Street exit, in the Nob Hill shopping center next to Peete’s Coffee, (819 C Bay Avenue, Capitola Center), and their number is (831) 476-0700.

…I’d recommend getting half the Allen Street (with light red sauce and ADD chicken) with double the meat, and half whatever you like.  That combo is amazing.

PLAY! Precious Marilu is finally back to her normal self after incurring a bad neck injury while on a field trip. She is running, jumping, climbing, swinging dumbbells around, doing workouts designed just for her, and, most importantly, ...smiling again. 🙂 It is SO good to see her back to her normal self!!!

NOTE:  The 2012 London Olympics are here, and while the truly amazing experience that was the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games has concluded, the 2012 London Olympics can be enjoyed in their stead.  While we may only see the most popular events showcased on broadcast television, NBC is streaming every single event online at NBC Olympics right HERE.  We can watch everything from Gymnastics, Track and Field, Diving, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Cycling, and Water Polo, …to Archery, Wrestling, Taekwondo, Shooting, Weightlifting, Judo, Pentathlon, Boxing and Fencing, to name a few.


Strict Press – 5×3

Team WOD day– 3 ppl per team: 4 Rounds: 400m Run (must run together – cannot start until all 3 are back) 21 Back Squats – 7 each (195/135) 21 Pullups – 7 each

Bar will start on rack – once it is taken off rack, it cannot return until the pull-ups are done. Thus, it is always held by 2 team members like in the regional workout from this year. Please scale weights appropriately – make sure the teams practice holding the weight and transitioning. That could be a limiting factor as to the weight they choose. If you have an even number of people in class, form a team of two – allow them to rack the bar, but the team member that is not doing squats or pull-ups can hold a heavy kettlebell in a front rack position to mimic holding the bar.