Powerful Dames and Personal Record Deadlifts

There’s training and then there’s competition. One of the great things about CrossFit is the opportunity

to do both, and once you brave your first competition, you know that there is something a bit magical

about training hard day after day and then testing yourself in an organized event.

Six of our women tackled their nerves and competed this morning in the Santa Cruz Strength IRON

ROSES Women’s Only Deadlift Competition. It might seem like no big deal- just three pulls, but once it

sinks in that you lift on the platform, you have a huge audience, and you have to strategize each

attempt, it all gets a little tougher. All the Westers pulled PRs today, some of them breaking some long-

sought numbers. Emma, age 12, pulled 120 lbs., Tammy set a PR at 160 by her second attempt, 200 was

no problem for Hannah, Bianca pulled the longest, slowest, yet totally legit 285 PR ever, and both Becca

and Amanda set PRs, seeing the 300s at 305 and 320 respectively.

Thanks to all who supported these competitors in the gym and at the event. It’s always more fun to

compete with enthusiastic supporters around! Competition is in the air right now with the Open,

Regionals, a stronglifting meet, powerlifting meet, and Olympic lifting meet on the horizon. The athletes

of CFWest are going to continue to kill it!

– Leah Lutz

unnamed Stay tuned for our new and exciting Powerlifting club and Olympic lifting classes at West  starting in April!