Powerful Kip!


Despite having two completely different body types, Bilal C. and Pete H. both demonstrate here that neither of them has any trouble with the Bar Muscle-Up, a movement that often requires a powerful kip, as both athletes “Rx” Tuesday’s 12 Minute AMRAP of 5 Jerks at 155#, 5 Bar Muscle-Ups and 10 Toes-To-Bar.  While there are several elements that play a roll in attaining a Bar Muscle-Up, one way to work towards getting one is by learning to continue the application of force for as long as possible while practicing pull-ups, driving a little more forcefully against the bar (similar to a kipping Toes-To-Bar) and developing a longer power arc.

Reminder: Open Gym is canceled for this Sunday. Come check out the Obstacle Course for children’s cancer benefit.