Powerful Powerlifters of the Wild West

January is the month of resolutions, and new goals. The month where we try to change those habits that we know are holding us back. The month where we focus on making a better version of ourselves. The month of challenging ourselves.


Last weekend we had three athletes head down south to Juggernaut Training systems for a Powerlifting meet. These athletes have trained countless hours in the gym under the guidance of head coach Leah Lutz in preparing to lift as much as they can on stage in front of dozens of random spectators.


This was a first for Maile who lifted a total of 738.5lbs (thats crushing it FYI). I want to send a huge shout out to all three lifters. It takes so much to prepare for these events, both mentally and physically. The hours of training long extra hours. Lifting heavy followed by countless back off sets/ fatigue drops. The discipline and challenge in getting to/ maintaining a weight. The stress of performing on GameDay! CrossFit West/Ready is so proud of you all for signing up and showing up. Yes the numbers are cool, but the fact that you had a goal…And decided to get uncomfortable and get after it in front of random people in a land far from home is amazing. Love you all


PS. This weekend we have coach Leah lifting and we have 3 athletes competing in the Norcal Masters in Marin County! Oh man what a month.