Powerlifting Class is coming to CrossFit West



Leah Lutz. CrossFit O.G. Director of the Lost Tools of Writing. Role model. One of the strongest women in Santa Cruz. Leah is one of CrossFit West’s first members, and has changed drastically physically and mentally from her first day at CrossFit to an elite level powerlifter! Starting April 9th (this Thursday), Leah will begin a powerlifting class at CrossFit West! This class will focus on developing strength, efficiency in movement, and confidence in the 3 key powerlifting movements (the squat, bench, and deadlift). This will be a free additional class option for ALL West members. All are welcome to participate in conjunction with our regular awesome CrossFit classes. Check out one of her exclusive powerlifting classes offered only at West.


Tuesday/ Thursday




Squat. Deadlift. Bench. Get Stronger. Become technically proficient. Get confident.


Your time and dedication. Free for all West members! $20 drop in for NON-WestSiders.

Stay tuned for more info!