Powerlifting Federation Starts Next week! Time to Sign up!



Powerlifting/Strength Training Class meeting twice a week, Tue/Thu at 5:30 pm


One cannot be fit without being strong.  Our new Strength Class is for anyone interested in building their basic strength skills for more success in our regular CrossFit classes or those eager to push past a personal record. Attending this class is a simple and effective way to gain strength and is intended to supplement our primary CrossFit program. Take some time to get stronger and you will reap great dividends in CrossFit, daily life, and your overall health. This class focuses on getting athletes stronger in the squat, press, deadlift, bench press, and accessory work as indicated.  Each member will be given an individual strength progression, suitable for either 2 or 3 trainings days per week, and both novice and intermediate lifters are welcome.


Throughout the class, you receiving instruction on the strength lifts, individual coaching, and all the encouragement you need to see great gainz and PRs!  Participants will have an 8 week strength program and should be committed to regular attendance.


Leah Lutz started at CFWest 6 years ago, desperate and hoping for some way to lose weight, feel better, and take charge of her health.  It worked!  Well, after many metcons, lots of lifting, and not a few tears, the hard work paid off, and the terrified, 265# gal who nervously barely made it through her first warm up, is still at CFWest and now coaching our Strength Class/Powerlifting Club.  Why a strength class?  Well, Leah loves just about everything related to lifting, has devoted her training time over the last 2 years to competitive powerlifting, and is now a nationally ranked lifter. Ask her what she’s doing at the gym, chances are it’s squatting, her favorite lift of all.


PL competitor in the 165, 148, and not 138 weight classes.
CA USAPL Open records in squat and total

CA USAPL Masters 1 records in squat, bench, deadlift, and total

CA USPA sub-master records in squat, bench, deadlift, and total

USPA Worlds competitor, 5th place in the 148 class

USAPL National qualified, competing in October 2015

Brittany Birchall started CrossFit in the summer of 2009 at Orange Coast CrossFit in Southern California. Soon after, back in Santa Cruz, she began training under the instruction of CrossFit legend , Ski and Snowboard Hall of Famer, and Olympian Eva Twardokens at CrossFit Santa Cruz Central where she fell in love with CrossFit. She is a passionate coach who has a range of experience for coaching everything from CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning, youth and adolescent sports such as high school fast pitch softball and soccer. Her continued desire to seek out the best in the business makes her a well-rounded and experienced coach. Brittany has worked with former three time USA Olympic Weightlifting Team Coach Jim Schmitz. Brittany came to learn the importance of strength training through her training experience in the sport of Olympic weightlifting and moved on to devote her training to the world of powerlifting. In 2014 Brittany took her coaching experience to the next level when she worked with World Class elite powerlifter, record holder, and strength coach, Louie Simmons who owns the world renowned private powerlifting gym in Columbus, Ohio Westside Barbell. This opportunity allowed her to develop her coaching skills and expertise. Brittany firmly believes that strength gives you the ability to develop in all areas of interest, whether it’s powerlifting, developing strength for Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, or sport specific training. Strength is developed through consistency over time! It takes time and dedication!

Start date: Sept 15th

End date: Nov 12


– For Existing members: $75 in addition to their current membership for 8 weeks.

– For non-members: $130 for8 weeks.  Includes Open Gym access.

Class cap: 12 athletes.

Email: [email protected] to register your spot!