Practice, Purposeful Practice.






Most CrossFit classes are an hour long.  That is plenty of time to warm up, train a heavy lift, and hit a WOD, but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for practice.  Deliberate practice.

Going all out on a WOD, Grace for example, is not deliberately practicing the clean.  Going all out on Grace is training, not practicing.  Practicing is the purposeful repetitive motion of something with the specific intent of perfecting that something.  You don’t perfect something with a stopwatch.  You perfect it with conscious or willful practice.  Using the clean again as an example, deliberate practice would be unhurried, with a light to moderate load, and focus would be on a specific aspect of the clean, the catch at the bottom of the 3rd pull for instance.

After each class there is often time to practice, but the last thing most people want to do after a CrossFit WOD is more anything.  Also, gross motor skills, a roundhouse kick for instance, can and should be trained while fatigued, while finer motor skills, a snatch for instance, should be practiced while fresh to avoid the physical inculcation of bad habits.

Every Sunday CF West has open gym.  This is the perfect time to practice.  You can work on what you want to.  A trainer is there to help of course, but practice is a solitary thing.  Remember the repetitive part of “purposeful repetitive motion of something with the specific intent of perfecting that something”.

See you on Sunday.


5 Rounds

3 Snatches
5 Overhead Squats
7 Back Squat/Thrusters (bring the bar down from overhead after the overhead squats and perform a back squat, then when you drive out of the hole on the back squat, push the weight overhead from behind your neck)

Gents, use 135#. Ladies, use 95#.  Try not to drop the bar during each round.

Post WOD and time to Comments.