He's back! Kevin C. returns from summer break (pay no attention to Austin's shoes).


There is a great story from the Zen tradition in Japan that I like a lot. It is about the value, the very necessity of practice in order to master something, anything.

A rich man, fond of felines, asked a famous Zen ink painter to draw him a cat. The master agreed and asked the man to come back in three months. When the man returned, he was put off, again and again, until a year had passed. Finally, at the man’s request, the master drew out a brush, and, with grace and ease, in a single fluid motion, drew a picture of a cat – the most marvelous image the man had ever seen. He was astonished then he grew angry. “That drawing took you only thirty seconds! Why did you make me wait a year?” he demanded. Without a word, the master opened up a cabinet, and out fell thousands of drawings – of cats.

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Ian Droze’s final Olympic weightlifting workshop before he moves to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado is this Saturday. This Saturday is the last chance to take advantage of this special opportunity. Get on it.

Bike to the Gym Day is next Wednesday, the 26th. Free coffee for all the morning classes.


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