Pre Game

...Tan Ha, ...Penny Ice Creamery, ..."Red Handed". (...Yes, ...this means *I* was there "caught in he act" too, haha)

CrossFit West’s Tan Ha “replenishes his glycogen stores” and does some “carbo loading” the night before he and Anna Lutz compete in the Festivus Games at CrossFit Lifeworx Saturday, haha.  If you can make it up to San Jose, I recommend you swing by CrossFit LifeWorx to support Tan and Anna and check out the competition.  It’s a great facility and Shaun Eagen and the crew at CrossFit LifeWorx always host a great and fun competition.


Weighted Walking Lunge-5×6 steps out/6 steps back

(With bar in in back squat position, walk out 6 steps and back 6 steps. Start light so you can go up at least 5# each week. All 5 sets are at the same #, and should be 5# heavier than last week.)


“Death by 10 yds”

Lots of stretching/rolling afterwards.