Early bird pre-hab

There’s no better time for pre-hab than the 5-10 minutes before class- you know, when you’ve gotten there all early and stuff, bright eyed and bushy tailed, just waiting for what excitement classes have in store.

Start with foam rolling.  Not just a quick swipe or two and not to simply lean back on and relax while conversing about what the workout is that day.  But a good 10- 20 long hard rolls along your quads.  Repeat with long strokes along your IT band (side of your thighs).  Move to your glutes, hamstrings, then into your back (upper and lower) and finish with your lats.

Try doing some extra hip joint mobility.  You know- the famous K-Starr mobility trick where you get on all fours and grind the head of your femur around in the hip capsule.  Feel like it’s going to poke out the back of your butt?  Yes, that’s the spot.

Do the same with your shoulders.  Some good ol’ scapular push ups should do the trick.  In a push up position, keep your elbows locked out and let your scapula sink together.  The head of your humurous will push to the back of your shoulder capsule mobilizing the joint in preparation for the days wod.

Grab a jump rope and practice your double unders for a couple of minutes.  Don’t forget to keep your jump under control (no kicking your butt with your heals or doing double high knees!) and hands close to your sides.

If it tends to take you a while to warm up on these cold winter days, hop on a rower and do an extra 500m of light rowing.  Better yet, do a km or two on the airdyne.

Got hot spots?  Grab a lacrosse ball out of the green toy box, stick it between you and the wall and grind into your knots.

Shoulders bother you?  There’s plenty of 5lb dumb bells and/or bands.  Do some front raises, lateral raises, rev flies or some internal or external shoulder rotation work.

The list is endless.  And the time is yours because, hey, you got there early.  And pre hab is the best way to insure that you train healthy and smart and continue to make regular fitness gains.




5 Rounds

7 Ring Dips

1 Rope Climb

12 Ball Slams

5 Snatch Balance (135/95)