I was watching a movie today where one of the main characters had a heart attack.  The character was male, about 60 years old, a bit overweight, and not leading the healthiest of lifestyles.  Over course, this being a movie, I only saw one snippet of his life.   He probably had an even less healthy lifestyle prior to 60.  I know that it was all fictional and make believe, it was a movie after all, but you know that saying about life and art–does life imitate art or does art imitate life?  But when it comes to health, the point is moot.  

People all over America are overweight, their veins closing from high cholesterol, blood pressure soaring, and a host of other problems just crowding around, hemming and hawing and pressing in.  And the really sad thing is that it is all so preventable.  Yeah, it makes me sad.  It also makes me angry. It makes me frustrated and it makes me feel powerless.  I see so many people that I want to just grab and shake and say “hey, listen up, you are committing suicide, you are killing yourself, c’mon get it together.”  I want to give them a metaphorical punch in the gut and poke them in the chest and tell them that life is precious and awesome and wonderful and they are going to die early if they don’t get fit.

I know that I am preaching to the choir.  This is a CrossFit blog on a CrossFit site and I bet there are about 7 non-CrossFitters reading this, but I am going to preach about it anyway.  Good health, much less fitness, is the best medicine out there.  It is better than any wonder drug or any supplement or any ancient Chinese tincture or any fermented tea.  Health and fitness can prevent your early death.  And if it can’t prevent it, it can help you recover faster than modern medicine can believe.  I have heard about it, I have read about it, and I have seen it right before me with my own eyes.

So here is the deal folks.  A little homework.  You can think you are back in grade school or you can make believe that you are one of the disciples in Fight Club, but you’ve got some homework to do. I know that you have a loved one or a friend who fits the description above.  We all do. You are going to pick one of those people and you are going to gently nudge and suggest and cajole and encourage and support them to get healthy, maybe even get fit.  You are going to help them slowly start to eat better.  Don’t get over ambitious, don’t try to get them Paleo right off the bat.  Maybe a little less Ben & Jerry’s, less beer and fried food.  Just a bit less crap to start with.  And some exercise of course.  Not necessarily CrossFit, maybe even never CrossFit.  Just some exercise.  Some walks, maybe a regular bike ride, swimming.  Hell, a game of catch will gas most people.  Start easy, start slow. But get them started.  

Remember, the kind of health and fitness you, as a CrossFitter, take for granted in yourself and you see at the box is completely alien to most people.  You have to think of yourself as a lion at the watering hole.  You have to move slowly and carefully in order to not spook your prey. CrossFit and Paleo aren’t necessarily for everyone, but health is.  Just set them on a better path and hopefully that path will lead them to a CrossFit box. If you can do that, then they will always, I mean forever, be grateful. When that mission is done, move on to another person.  There are a lot of people out there to save.  

I know who I am targeting and I am starting tomorrow.  What about you?  I will be checking back in a month for an update.

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Push Jerk

7 sets of 3 reps where the last 3 sets are 3RM


AMRAP in 15 minutes

10 Power Cleans 80/60% BW

15 Pushups

200m Run

Post WOD completed and score to Comments.