Progenex and ChildCare!

This weekend is going to be exciting! Progenex is coming to CrossFit West!

Progenex--1This SATURDAY, from 9am-12pm,  we will have a Progenex representative at our gym refueling all your muscles with some of the best tasting, and high quality whey protein powders on the market! Try all the flavors!

1be5c73e0425e4aca040799110cf6febSo workout. Grab a shake. oh wait, you like it? Yes, you can buy a bag!  We sel Progenex recovery at both of our CrossFit locations!



This SUNDAY from 11am-1pm, CrossFit West will provide childcare! We are working on providing more and more for our CrossFit family. Come to open gym, get a workout in and have your child entertained! Have to go to Costco? Boom! Drop your child off, and get as many 5 dozen crates of organic eggs you crave.