A lot of CrossFit programming can be kind of confusing. It’s not, really.  There are several basic templates that most CrossFit programming can be divided into:

*Triplets–usually these are comprised of a monstructural element, a gymnastic movement, and a weightlifting movement.  Many of the benchmark storms are triplets, such as Helen, Jackie, and Christine.

*Couplets–in my opinion these are the quintessential CF WOD.  The gymnastic/weightlifting couplet is possibly the hardest WOD to do.  Examples of these couplets are Elizabeth, Diane, and the dreaded Fran.

*AMRAPs–As Many Rounds As Possible–I like AMRAPs a lot, especially when they are heavy (of course!). The 10, 12, or 15 minute variety seem to promote the highest intensity.  I think 3 movements should be the max. I like a very heavy weightlifting movement paired with a higher skill gymnastics movement and a monostructural sprint of some sort.  Good fun.

*Monostructural WODs– best done in intervals in order to keep up the intensity. Split a 2k row into four 500m rows, for example.

*Chippers–these make the least effective WODs in my opinion.  Chippers are usually high rep lower weight lists that are difficult to keep up high intensity with.

*Weightlifting WODs–these kind of WODs are my favorites. There are a lot of ways to do these, such as intervals (1 clean and jerk on the minute for 20 minutes), or for repetitions (Grace, Isabel, Randy).  Other WODs may have a higher output level, but the brutal simplicity of a weightlifting WOD has a lot of appeal.  These WODs also demand a high level of intensity.

What is your favorite programming?  Please post to Comments.


Back Squat 20 reps (use your 10RM weight)

Shoulder Press 5×5



75 Snatches 75/55#

Post load and time to Comments.