Pull Ups this month!



Pull up work for June!

Make sure to do your progressions this week! If you miss class today, get your pull up work in after or before one of the classes this week!

1. Strength development

– Sets of 3-5 strict or weighted pull ups

2. Kipping efficiency

– Tap swings; Hollow/Arch

3. Butterfly efficiency

– Small circles. Foot rotations.


Workout today

pull ups
1. strength development
2. Kipping efficiency 
3. Butterfly efficiency

8 min amrap
10 deadlift
50m sled pushes
200m run

CX- 225

RX- 185

2 min rest

8 min amrap
10 bench presses
50m hs walk
200m run

CX- 135

RX - 95

30 tuck ups
30 sec hollow hold
30 second rest

PS Shown below is Wednesday's workout! (You are seeing in the future!)