Push Through


Announcement: this Sunday, June 16, is the 2nd and final CrossFit Watsonville work day! Last week we all had a blast and got a lot done – come back! 🙂 This Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM – we’ll provide food and drink and free CF Watsonville T-shirt for those that spend a good part of the day. We really appreciate everyone’s help and we can’t wait to see you all there to bring this gym to life! 57 Hangar Way, Watsonville, CA 95076.


Our Heavy Sled-Drive/Double-Under strength/skill-work on Tuesday inspired some outstanding output from the CF-West community in every class throughout the day as athletes dug deep within themselves, fighting hard to push through the burning of the legs and lungs as they were determined to drive the Sled the entire 30 yard length of the turf without stopping, only to then be challenged with 50 Double-Unders immediately after. A great example of that outstanding output can be seen here as both Jeff N (Top) and Daniel J (Bottom) drove 600 pounds the full 30 yards of the turf (167.5 Kilos = 369.274 lb. + 85 lb. + 45 lb. + 100 lb. +3/4 lb. = 600.024 lb.). After encouraging both Jeff and Daniel, our very own Darrielle T drove that same 600 lb. Sled the entire 30 yard length of the turf herself. It was awesome! As I said, outstanding work from the CF-West community the entire day. Strong work, everyone!!

You may not realize it, but learning to reach deep within yourself to “push through”, whether it be a 30 yard sled-drive or a CrossFit WOD, doesn’t just simply “elicit a favorable physiological adaptational response” making you “stronger” physically. It can make you much stronger mentally and emotionally and help you in many other aspects of your life where you may be facing challenge or adversity, often in ways that are hard to quantify.