Pushup Options

Recently I put up a post about not doing pushups on your knees at all costs.  For some people, however, a true pushup is just not yet an option.

Here are a bunch of ways to scale pushups that do not include getting on your knees.  It needs to be stressed that the goal of all the scaling options is to steadily lower the hand support.

The wall is the easiest of the scaling options, and probably far too easy for everyone but the most de-conditioned people.

From a box.

A weight bench.

A tire, stacked or single.


A stack of bumpers.

On Golden, although Kyle might get jealous.

Please post other scaling options to Comments.



Find a new 3RM.


3 Rounds with 90 seconds rest between rounds.

AMRAP in 5 minutes.

3 Power Cleans 145/95#

5 Shoulder to Overhead

7 Pullups

100m Run