“More isn’t better.  Better is better.”  This is a motto that my classes have heard often.  In CrossFit you don’t get better by simply doing more, you get better by doing things better.

Take the Snatch for example.  This is a highly technical movement; arguably the most technical barbell movement there is.  For the utmost success in the snatch technique must essentially be  perfect.  Unfortunately many do not realize this and simply try to get better  by adding as much weight to the bar as possible only to meet failure over and over again.  However what one may find, if patient and dedicated, is that when technique is mastered the weight begins to fly up almost effortlessly.

The same is true of just about anything.  Coaching, business, school, family.  You name it.  Globo gyms thrive on getting as many people to sign up (usually for a long term contract) with little regard to their goals.  And mostly, those people stay overweight and unhealthy, or worse, never show up.  The globo gym’s only concern is that they have as many people signed up as possible and that they don’t actually show up to wear out their expensive equipment.  CrossFit, on the other hand, relies on a small number of people to sign up (with no contracts) show up regularly, and get better, fitter, healthier.

How about CrossFit coaching compared to globo gym coaching?  Have you ever seen a CrossFit coach sitting on the bench with a clip board simply counting reps in a monotone voice while checking off one of a few machine exercises for the day?  We don’t just stick you in a file somewhere with the other 100 people we’ve sold training packages too for a large commission either.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but we tend to be much more invested in your well being than that.  We are committed to teaching you to move properly and efficiently while encouraging you to push yourself further than you think you can.  Sometimes we even get up in your grill and shout because we know you can.  We know your injuries, what you do for a living, what your kid’s names are, even what you do for a hobby.  Sometimes we even text you, email you, or Facebook you just to say hi.  Now that’s quality.

More isn’t better, better is better.  Don’t forget it.



Clean + Hang Clean


*focus on precision of receiving the bar in the throat/on the shoulders, rotating elbows quickly, and staying on the heals.

Then for time:

30 yard Prowler sprint hi handle

30 yard Prolwer sprint low handle

50 ball slams

200m Sand Bag run