Range of Motion/Mobility Class

Greg H; during and after PRing on Fran.

Flexibility is a physical attribute that lends itself greatly to both athletic performance and functional living. It is the cornerstone of mobility and muscle and joint health, as well as range of motion in both performance and joint movement. In order to facilitate greater flexibility, and with it greater health, CF West Santa Cruz is introducing a new stretching/mobility/range of motion class.

The new stretching class is on Wednesdays from 7-7:30pm, starting this Wednesday. If you want greater range of motion and mobility, this is the class for you. See you on Wednesday.

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The Paleo Challenge testing officially ended on Sunday and now the training begins.  There are still a couple people that need to take their photos and complete their pullups. Please get everything done on Monday.

There is a new page on the CF West website devoted to the Challenge and helping you win it. The page is a compilation of all the past posts about the Paleolithic diet and Paleo cooking and recipes. I will be adding to it as more recipes get sent in (please send any recipe to [email protected]).

The Paleo Challenge page can be found at the very top of the website.


Front Squat

3 reps on the minute for 7 minutes

Use 60% of your 1RM and concentrate on moving as fast as you can.


800m Run

21 Jerk/Push Press 115/75#

21 Toes-2-Bar

500m Row

15 Jerk/Push Press

15 Toes-2-Bar

40 Double Unders

9 Jerk/Push Press

9 Toes-2-Bar