Raw Strength Work


"Never again." Vero after killing it on Fran.

"Never again." Vero after killing it on Fran.

Welcome SLV High standout football player and wrestler Zach.  You killed it your first day.

Killing it his first time. Welcome SLV High football player and wrestler Zach.

img_2349img_2350Mondays at CF West Santa Cruz are devoted to raw strength training.  We call it Raw Strength Mondays. Each month or two, a different raw strength lift or movement is focused on.  For the past two months, June and July, the focus has been the back squat.

The rep scheme stays constant, 7 sets of 3 with the first several sets being progressively heavier warmups.  June was devoted to the box squat.  The squats were done low bar style, below parallel, and the lifter unloaded at the bottom by sitting back on the box and rocking back to vertical before driving up.

The box was removed for July and the last Monday of the month was all about finding 1RM.  The results were astounding.  PRs in excess of 40 pounds were average.  That strength will carry over to every other lift and movement in CrossFit.

August brings a new lift on Raw Strength Mondays.  Any guesses?

What are your thoughts on the back squat?  Did you improve?


Find your 1RM in the Snatch Balance


AMRAP in 15 minutes

3 Power Cleans (go heavy as you can)

5 Pullups C2B (of course)

7 Pushups

50m Sprint

Post WOD and score to Comments.