The foam roller--the devil's own invention.

The foam roller--the devil's own invention. I have seen it reduce grown men to tears. Too bad it is such an essential recovery tool.

Recovery. How often do you think about it? What are your strategies?

There are several factors that influence recovery.

  • Nutrition–Your diet plays a large part in how quickly and well you recovery from a brutal WOD. Fat in particular is important. It still amazes me when I ask an athlete how much fat he or she had to eat that day and they don’t know.
  • Sleep–Eight hours folks.
  • Contrast Showers–Yeah, I know they hurt, but do not underestimate the benefits. Hot then cold then hot then cold. Repeat. Make it really hot and really cold. No screaming.
  • Stretching–A flexible muscle is a happy muscle.  A flexible muscle will be far more tear resistant than a tight one.  Stretch regularly after training and incorporate dynamic stretching into your warm up.
  • Myofascial Release–Fancy word, painful activity, big benefits. Myofascial release is foam rolling and such. You can use a foam roller, a tennis ball, a stick roller, even a baking rolling pin.
  • Massage–If you are lucky enough to have it available, take full advantage of it.
  • Dietary Supplements–No need to get fancy or break the bank. The first and last word here is fish oil pills. Glucosamine sulphate is also recommended. Except for fish oil, don’t worry too much about supplements. If you are eating in the Zone then you are getting almost everything you need from whole foods.
  • Rest Days–Less is often more. Be sure to take regular rest days and don’t be scared to throw in an extra one here or there.
  • Hand Care–I am going to write a whole post on this subject soon. As CrossFitters, we seriously beat up our hands. And since goofy little fingerless body building gloves are just not an option for O-lifting and kipping pullups, we need to give our hands a bunch of TLC. A small tear or fissure can be a major annoyance. Trim your callouses and lotion your hands regularly.

What did I miss? What are your favorite recovery strategies?


10 Rounds

100m Row

2 Clean and Jerks 185/125#

Scale load up or down as needed.

Post weight and time to Comments. If you did a different WOD, post WOD and score to Comments.