The morning crew, 6 and 9am.

The morning crews, 6 and 9am. Right on guys, good work.




Refail/resuck/restart?  What?  What in the hell does that mean?

CF West has some pretty incredible athletes, even by CrossFit standards.  Some of our times (not mine per se, unfortunately) are competitive with the best in the nation.  But there comes a point where shaving a few seconds off a 2:30 Fran or a sub 2 minute Grace or a 7:30 Helen just isn’t really making you a fitter person.  So, what do you do?

Strap that white belt back on, Grasshopper. Yes, the old white belt that you discarded ages ago as you charged through the CrossFit pantheon of WODs, getting faster and faster times.  Fail again, suck again, start anew.  Become a beginner all over again.  Scale every WOD up.  Use heavier weight, harder movements.  Yes, your times will be slower.  Your name on the whiteboard will not sport the fastest time.  But, you will be stronger, more powerful, more agile.  Stay away from rx’d as if it were the plague for a while.  Go on, give it a few months.

There is another aspect to consider.  Striving for a couple of seconds over and over on a workout that you obviously toy with is just not healthy.  That is the kind of focus that leads to serious burnout and disillusionment.  Recapture the joy of CrossFit, the joy of taking some huge chunks off a time, the joy of training without any preconceived notion of your performance, the joy of hitting a WOD without any pressure to eek out another second or two.  Beginner’s joy.  White belt joy.

All CrossFitters know about about the universal scalability of CrossFit.  It is one of the great things about it.  However, too many people, trainers as well, only think of scalability in terms of less than rx’d, not greater than.  Think big, think heavy.  

I am reminded of Henry Ford’s old saying about the Model T–“You can have any color you want, as long as it is black.”  My new refrain is going to be “You can use any weight you want, as long as it is heavy.”

But what do you think?


Any girl you want.  Maybe your best one.

But, you have to do it greater than rx’d.

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