Jackie and Marilu demonstrate that it is never too late, nor too soon, to start working on perfecting your Squat.

The Open was an awesome experience.  …As it tested our abilities, it strengthened our community.

While many of us got PR’s on things like our 1-RM Snatch and “Karen” times, …many of us also had some “weaknesses” exposed during The Open WOD’s.  For many, this was in the Snatch during WOD 12.2.

While we can all use a little more time developing our skill on the Snatch, sometimes a bit of focused 1-on-1 private training can really do wonders for dialing in your form and technique on whatever it is you are trying to master.  While every Coach here at CrossFit West that is available for private training is very skilled and knowledgeable and can definitely help you greatly improve your ability to Snatch, it is sometimes a treat (even for us as Coaches) to have the opportunity to get in some private training with one of Americas best in the sport.  Ian Droze of Strength Specific Seminars, (ranked 2nd in the country in his weight class with a 277 lb. Snatch and 336 lb. C&J), is available for private training here at CrossFit West Santa Cruz.  He is still in town, but will only be here until mid April.  …Then he leaves for the OTC (Olympic Training Center) to train with the National Team.

Some of our athletes have already booked privates with Ian here at CrossFit West Santa Cruz and every one of them have PR’d, including CrossFit West Santa Cruz Team members, Erica Barnum with a Snatch PR of 121 lbs, and Alicia Bailey with a Clean-&-Jerk PR of 175 lbs.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with Ian Droze, I strongly encourage you to get in a session with him before he leaves for the OTC.  Before we know know it, he will be gone and we will have missed out on a golden opportunity to train with one of America’s best in the sport.  …I know I am going to get in a session before he leaves!

Ian can be reached at 408 505-0794, or via email at [email protected]

A huge Happy Birthday to Ryan Mac and Kristin Cosner. We love you guys.


Strict Press 3×3 (add 5 lbs from last week)


5 rounds for time; (155/110)

9 Dead-Lifts

6 Hang Power Cleans

3 Front Squats

200 Meter Run