Regional WODs

Longevity athlete Carla rocking the WOD.

The Regional WODs were announced today and Wow! This is not a competition for the faint of heart. Each individual and each team will compete in two workouts each day, for three days. The team WODs are essentially the same as the individual WODs, they’re just longer with more reps. All the WODs can be found here.

Regionals are June 3-5 at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. CF West will have a tent or two there and we are putting together carpools for the ride up. All expectations point to an amazing time. Come out and support your gym and your team. Twenty five bucks gets you in for all three days. You can get advance tickets here.

I am really excited, and just a bit nervous. It is going to be quite an event. Can’t wait to see you all there.

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A big Happy Birthday to Joe S.



Find 1RM for the day.


7 Rounds

2 Snatchs 75-80%1RM

2 Muscle Ups


Tabata Couplet