Regionals Week 2

The CrossFit Games Regionals continues this weekend with week 2 of the competitions. Regions competing are South West, Mid Atlantic, Africa, and Asia. I am especially excited about the South West as it has an abundance of top athletes, including Chris Spealler and Matt Chan, who will all go head to head on some really fun workouts. The Mid Atlantic showdown between Ben Smith (2011 Games 3rd place) and Sean Thomson (2012 Open 2nd place) is going to be epic as well.

If you did not tune into the Regionals last weekend, you missed some incredible performances. Without a doubt, last weekend’s superstar was Azadeh Boroumand from Texas. She won 5 of the 6 events and placed second on the other. She clocked an incredible 2:32 Diane and also snatched 170 pounds ( she could have gone on, but she elected to stop at that weight as she was way ahead of the field). It has come to the point that absolutely no one can predict what the boundaries of CrossFit performance are. At the same Regionals as Azadeh, Aja Barto snatched 295 pounds to finish the snatch ladder. In order to even get to that weight, he did a snatch every minute starting at 155 pounds. Each snatch was preceded by 20 double unders, for a total of 300 double unders before he touched the 295 bar. Pretty damn incredible. I can’t wait to see what the athletes this weekend will put up.

The best way to follow the Regionals is to periodically check out the Regional Event Summary videos, a video of each event at each Regional, on the Games site. There is also each Region’s Games website, facebook page, and twitter account. A more in depth explanation on how to follow the Regionals is here.

The NorCal Regional is May 18th-20th, at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, just over the hill. As awesome as the coverage online of each Regional comp is, nothing beats live and in person, especially when the CrossFit West Santa Cruz team takes the field. Tickets to the comp are right here.

Don’t Forget: CF West is hosting the Tactical Strength Challenge this Saturday at noon. Deadlift, pullups, kettlebell snatches. Come give it a try.


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