A 47 inch (3' 9") box jump at 63 inches tall (5' 2")?

A 47 inch (3′ 9″) box jump at 63 inches tall (5′ 2″)?

Hell yes! Wes nails it.

Hell yes! Wes nails it.

Relativity is kind of an unrecognized concept in CrossFit. Officially, in the Games for example, relativity does not exist, but it’s hard to argue that it doesn’t in real life. What the heck do I mean? Here, try this, a man who I think has a lot of very good things to say once wrote that two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds (anyone? and don’t just google it), but that weight is relatively different to a 250 pound person than a 145 pound person. We don’t do things by calculation of bodyweight much at CrossFit West Santa Cruz, but that bodyweight certainly exists and there are certain achievements that take on new light with relativity. While 200 pounds may always be such, if that 200 pounds is a sub 145 pound person’s snatch, then, well, holy shit. And you can go upwards from there. I know some guys who snatch near 300 pounds, which is a pretty big weight, but they also weight about 275 pounds. Relatively, that 300 pound snatch just shrunk a whole helluva lot. Compare those numbers to a 255 pound snatch at a 185 pound bodyweight and you can get a very clear picture of who is stronger. The current CrossFit and two time CrossFit Games champ Rich Froning snatches some 300 pounds at a bodyweight of about 190 pounds. Yeah, he is one strong SOB.

Relativity is also at play in bodyweight movements. A small lean person is going to have an inherent advantage when it comes to gymnastic and calisthenic movements, pullups for example. A bigger person, maybe someone with a big squat and deadlift, is going to have a harder time pulling up his or her bodyweight than a smaller leaner person. That’s just the way it is.

CrossFit, however, is just that, ‘cross’ fit. It means you should strive to be good at everything. You may be a big guy with a huge front squat, but that does not excuse you from also trying to be great at burpees. And the reverse, of course, is also equally true. So, while you have to admit that a double bodyweight front squat (Emmitt does!) is pretty impressive whether it is by a 135 pound guy or a 210 pound guy, the whole point, even the literal meaning, of CrossFit is that you are equally impressive at everything else.