Renewal and Balance

Emily; med ball clean and throw.

Emily; med ball clean and throw.

The first evening class at the new box.

The first evening class at the new box.

Many, if not most, sports create imbalances in the body due to repetitive movement demanded by the sport.  CrossFit balances the body, renewing it by virtue of constantly varied exercise.

Sports, by their very nature, are repetitive.  A volleyball player performs the same movements over and over, a swimmer even more so.  Not that a volleyball player’s movements are boring or lacking in grace or power, quite the opposite, but performing similar motor patterns over and over leads to imbalances in the body.  Over time, those imbalances can lead to problems.

Volleyball players, for example, often have overdeveloped muscles in the front of their shoulders due to the constant hitting and spiking the ball.  This can cause bad posture and a host of other problems as the muscles pull the shoulders forward, rounding the spine, making the chest concave.  This then leads to yet more problems.  Get the picture?

CrossFit, a constantly varied mixture of pushing, pulling, driving, squatting lifting, exploding, and running movements is the perfect compliment to repetitive sport movement.  CrossFit balances the body, and in the case of our volleyball player, pulling the shoulders back, developing the muscles of the neck, back and posterior chain, correcting the posture and relieving the pressure on the strained rear shoulder muscles.

Thus, I can make the claim that CrossFit renews the body, bringing its parts back into alignment and forcing the body to move and work as a whole.

How has CrossFit affected your body, your posture, your imbalances?

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5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts

5 Hang Power Cleans

5 Jerks

Gents, strive for 155 pounds.  Lassies, shoot for 100.

If you want to go heavier, do 3 rounds with 185/135#.  Your choice.

Please post choice of WOD and score to Comments.