...I remember long ago, ...I heard a school principle say “Don’t shit where you eat.” ...That little bit of wisdom just made so much damned sense back then....

…In a recent post, (Stillness), I talked about how much I love being the first one in the gym in the morning, …how magical it is, ….”The stillness in the air…..an empty and clean gym ready to serve our CrossFit West clients and community.”

…Think of what it felt like to walk into our gym at 5:50 in the morning and find this….

…There’s really just no excuse for this.

In a recent post, Sam addressed this very issue.  But it shouldn’t always have to be Sam that’s the “bad guy” and having to speak on such things.  …These are not Sam’s words, …not Cliff’s, …nor that of “CFWSC Management”.  …No, …these words are my very own.  …Mine, …Jason Highbarger’s.

…If you were invited to a dinner party by people who appreciate, love and respect you, …and you made this mess in their bathroom or on their coffee table, …would you leave it and walk away?  …If you hosted such a dinner party with said people and you discovered such mess left in your living room by those people you appreciate, love and respect, …you would likely be crushed…and maybe even a little pissed off.

The “magic” I spoke of isn’t simply the “stillness” or “calm before the storm” that I talked about.  No, …it is so much more than that.  …This is my home.  …My sanctuary.  Though it is not only my home and sanctuary, …but home and sanctuary to many.  Fore many of us, it is not just a gym for which to train and better ourselves, …but is solace from a cold hard life or unfathomable hardships known only to those who are enduring them.  …I am not an owner of CrossFit West Santa Cruz, but I darned well treat it like I am.  I am very protective of our community and that for which we have built to serve that community.  …I treat this place as my own because I know full well that this place is very much “home” and sacred to many within our community and I want to protect their home and sanctuary as much as possible and make sure it is always ready to welcome them, serve them, comfort them and empower them.  …You are them.

…The “magic” I spoke of isn’t simply some “flickering lights”, “buzzing sound” or a “patient calm”.  …No, …real magic happens here.  …Life changing magic.  You know it’s true.  I see it every day and so do you.  It is amazing and beautiful and is why so many of us truly love CrossFit and this community.  Not just our little bubble of a CrossFit West community, but the entire CrossFit community worldwide and the passion and essence behind Greg “Coach” Glassman’s original driving vision.  …Peoples lives change here and they change for the better.  It’s not just our coaches, our programming or our “commitment to excellence” that makes it so.  …No, …that amazing and beautiful life changing “magic” that empowers so many here is very much fueled by YOU and YOUR presence within this community; …your contribution to their lives.  Whether you acknowledge it or not, …or like it or not, …YOUR presence and involvement within this community and this movement very much has a positive effect on the lives of those for whom train along side you in every class.  You make their lives better just as they makes yours better.

…Think about how much this community and your overall CrossFit experience has changed your life for the better, …and try to imagine for a moment how it has changed the lives of those around you for the better….

…THAT, my brethren, …is really the “magic” for which I eluded to….and I will do everything I can to protect it.

You, our CrossFit West community, are all my family and I love you all.  That is the truth.  …I will do everything I can to protect my family and the place they call home.

Please, please, please, lets all try to make sure our beloved home is clean and ready to serve, not only our brethren and the kindred spirits who share our passion, …but ourselves as well.


Thank you,

Jason Highbarger

Workout: Rest Day

REMINDER:  Olympic Weightlifting this Saturday, August 25‘th, 10:30-1:00 with Ian Droze!!

Ian Droze, USAW Nationals Silver Medalist, teaches twice monthly Olympic weightlifting classes at CrossFit West Santa Cruz. These classes will be on the 2nd Wednesday (5:30-8pm) and the 4th Saturday (10:30am-1pm) of each month. This event is open to anyone with Weightlifting experience and is a phenomenal opportunity to train with a great coach and national medal winner right here in Santa Cruz.  Sessions are 2.5 hours long and are “drop-in” (you do not need to stay the entire time.  Cost is $15 for CrossFit West members and $25 for non-members. Upcoming dates are: 8/8, 8/25, 9/12, 9/22, 10/10, 10/27, 11/14, 11/24, 12/12, 12/22.