Nadia, Steve, and Joe--nothing but good fun.

Nadia, Steve, and Joe–nothing but good fun.

CrossFit houses a lot of respect. This the sport where the last place person is cheered as much as the first place person, usually more. No one does the very last run alone and people will stay after their class is done to cheer on that lone person who fighting through their last reps. CrossFit gyms are not striated by ability or strength or even fitness, but, if anything at all, by simple effort. A CrossFit gym is a community hall in a way. It is not a cold impersonal place where you do not make eye contact with other people and people shoulder bump you at the drinking fountain. It’s a gathering place where people try to better themselves, whether they think of it like that or not. As such, people accord it much more respect than the Golds and Ballys and 24 Hours out there. People clean up after themselves, they take out the trash, they put equipment away whether they used it or not. That’s all respect.

But there is one kind of respect that is sometimes lacking. Respect for the movements themselves. Movement is a special kind of magic. Even the simplest movements, an air squat for example, are intrinsically imbued with grace and fluidity. Treat it that way. Too often I see people bastardizing that simple squat for the sake of a little more speed. Range of motion is king, folks. Couple that with technique and you have got beautiful movement. Sure, we don’t all move beautifully or with particular grace. Especially with a heavy weight in our hands or on our shoulders. But we should all try. That’s respect. It’s also safe.


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