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The soybean.
Cheddar flavored soy cheese. Just what mother nature ordered.

Response to Ask Leah:

“Normal” foods?  What is possibly normal about so much food eaten these days?  While I do understand how the word was used in the post, I want everyone to think about the word ‘normal’ for a moment.  One of the definitions of the word, as defined by Websters, along with “conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular,” is “naturally occurring.”

Let’s say that again–“naturally occurring”.  As in occurring in nature, without artifice or machination.  Without processing.  Look at soy cheese, for example.  Have you ever seen a soybean in its natural state?  How about an order of edamame at a Japanese restaurant?  Probably.  Think of that edamame and contrast it with a piece of soy cheese.  How processed does that edamame have to be to turn into that soy cheese.  It boggles the mind.  Where is “normal” in that?

Paleo eating is absolutely and utterly “normal”.  About as normal as we can get.

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Response to Get Cocky:

Icelandic powerlifter Benedikt Magnussen is famous for his prelift rituals.  I don’t want anyone knocking over the chalk like that, but if you are nailing a 938 deadlift, I will make an exception.

This response is from CF Los Gatos member Kevin McMahon.  Kevin is a two time Olympian in the hammer throw.

As for yesterday’s “Get Cocky” blog. Wheew, this is a HUGE topic. If there is one defining characteristic of every Olympic athletes I know – its the ability to turn on an absolute self-confidence when they needed to make it happen. This doesn’t have to be expressed outwardly – it’s much more about an passionate inner drive and a positive self-talk – but you need to get fired up at any doubts and fears and crush them with what I can only describe as an unbridled, positive intensity.

One of my closest friends from any Olympic team – Adam Nelson – perhaps makes better use of this than anyone in the world. Once the meet starts, he does not care what people think and he is not there to make friends. He’s an uninhibited can-do force of nature. Check out this video – and note his pre-throw ritual. This is how he competes on EVERY throw and why he is one of the best in the world despite being smaller than his peers.

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