“Roll Out!”


Megan “Megatron” & Georgia H (bottom right) and Vanessa S (top left) have a little fun and take an interpretive approach to “foam rolling” because, you know, …that’s just how they roll. Lol
Angela “Ninjela” G (top right), fresh off of hitting several recent PR’s, and Megatron get serious with the rest of Team “6:00 am Mayhem!” as they hit Wednesday’s OTM Strength work.

“Roll Out!”  …Always makes me think of Ludacris or Optimus Prime, haha

Thursday’s Foam Rolling for the “Strength/Skill” portion of class went great and was well received.  Many of you don’t have the luxury of sticking around after class, (or even of getting to class early), due to work and school obligations, etc.  This is especially true of the morning classes and the noon class.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a “break” in the normal Strength/Skill exposure of heavy barbell work, challenging gymnastic development, intense sprint intervals and such to just have a little structured (“forced”, haha) focus time for simply mobilizing the body, stretching and foam rolling.  Yes, “rolling out” can be painful at first if you don’t do it frequently, but with consistency, your body adapts and not only will it not hurt as bad, but you’ll actually FEEL better and MOVE better, making movements easier to do, workouts flow smoother, training more sustainable, and helping to minimize your risk of injury.  It’s basic maintenance for your body.  If you doubt its efficacy, try rolling out just one side of your body, glute, hamy, quad and calf, and compare how both sides feel later in the day.  If you compare having solid nutrition in your body to that of putting the right fuel in your engine, (as so many do), then you could compare doing a little foam rolling and mobility work every week to that of simply checking the fluids; air, oil, transmission, brakes, etc, and keeping the engine clean and in good running condition.  Like I said, “basic maintenance”.  …Whether it’s your vehicle or your body, better care  = fewer breakdowns.