Rules for Injuries

Matt S and Matt Z serenade Joko.

Matt S and Matt Z serenade Joko.

I very rarely repost my old writings, but I was asked about this yesterday and I thought it was too valuable and relevant not to put up again. I originally posted it about three years ago.

These guidelines come from Martin Rooney, an author and mixed martial arts (MMA) strength and conditioning coach. While they were originally created for fighters, they are even more applicable to CrossFitters. I have added my own commentary in italics. Click here for a more philosophical, but possibly even more valuable, approach to injuries.

1. Accept that the injury has occurred, and move forward. Too often people act in denial about an injury and continue to stress it, further aggravating it.

2. Examine how the injury happened, so that it never happens again. What was the cause of the injury? Was in something unavoidable, such as a surfing accident, or was it caused by bad movement or not listening to your body?

3. Find out all you can about the injury and its rehabilitation. First off, talk to your coach or trainer. Research.

4. Use every method of rehabilitation you can get your hands on. Be proactive.

5. Be consistent and thorough with your rehab. Dedicate some time to your rehab. Don’t skimp.

6. Find the outlets and determine what training you can do around the injury. Never stop training. There is always stuff you can do. Believe wholeheartedly in systemic rehab.

7. Focus on areas that you needed to improve pre-injury (nutrition, mental training, certain body regions, etc.) Do not neglect your nutrition when injured. This is one of the biggest keys to getting back in shape. Use the time necessitated by the injury to focus on weaknesses.

8. Don’t test the injury while healing and re-irritate it. Be patient.

9. Develop a list of things that the injury is trying to tell you. How will your injury change your movement patterns? What do you need to do improve your movement?

10. Don’t forget what you learned from the injury for the future. Are you doomed to repeat an injury? What did you learn from #2 above?

Is there anything that needs to be added to the above list? Please post to Comments.