A huge big ups to Caitlin M on her her first Rx’d WOD tonight. The accomplishment of getting that little scrawled rx’d next to your name on the whiteboard is far out of proportion to the actual act of writing it down. Doing a workout Rx’d for the first time is a big deal. CrossFit is legitimately difficult, with many challenges that seem simply insurmountable to the beginner, and doing something Rx’d for the first time kinda says, hey I can do this, I got this shit. It is a feeling of accomplishment that really can’t be explained. Of course, in true CrossFit fashion it doesn’t make anything easier because now you just need to go faster. And how about wearing a weight vest, a la Emmett? Congratulations Caitlin, and here is to many more Rx’d

And while we are on the subject of congratulations, another big congratulations to Cat B for PRing her Fran by 1:29. Great work ladies.


Power Clean

Find 1RM


7 Minute AMRAP

3 Power-Snatches (115/75)

6 OverHead-Squats (115/75)

9 Toes-To-Bar

Rest Three MInutes

Run 1-Mile For Time