Samantha, push jerk.

Samantha, push jerk, Grace.

Sue, push jerk, Grace.

Sue, push jerk, Grace.


Rx’d. As prescribed. Doing a WOD as prescribed, rx’d, for the first time is a big deal. No matter your score, even if you could have timed the WOD with a sun dial, you know that there is no where to go but up. Or down, as the case may be. Down in time. No more struggling just to make the weight or the movement, now speed is what matters. And technique, of course, but they usually go hand in hand.

Several CF West athletes recently did Grace as rx’d for the first time. And I know it felt good. Congratulations guys. Well done.


21, 15, 9

Sumo Deadlift High Pull 95/65#

Wallball 20/14#

100m row sprint after each couplet.

Post WOD completed and score to Comments.